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Lanark Village Boat Club. Inc.


Lanark Village Boat Club (LVBC) is a privately-owned, non-profit membership-supported boat club located at 2364 Highway 98 East, on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, just 4 miles to the east of Carrabelle and 50 miles south of Tallahassee, Florida

2019 is coming to a close.
Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, and our Commodore Norm Gemple, we are back up and running. 
However do you relies that we need new volunteers committed to keep this club running?
Without the support of new volunteers the LVBC will fold.
The majority of our board has been in their positions for some 12 or more years, our board members are voted on for ONE YEAR!

If we do not get the support of our resident members, willing to take on a board position, attend our meetings and fight to keep this fantastic club alive....


In a quiet retirement village setting, the LVBC is just another area in the forgotten coast that seems to have changed very little over the years.  Residents and visitors enjoy the great fishing, open waters for boating, making new friends and relaxing in the laid-back atmosphere of the area. The LVBC also operates a boat launching facility available for members use.


The LVBC hosts many social events during the year in its clubhouse. These social events are open to all members and the public. They are organized by Board Members and staffed by volunteering members. For many events, the Boat Club provides some food and refreshments, but members are encouraged to and regularly do, bring in a covered dish or a dessert.  These events will be posted as they are planned.

Please feel free to contact your board members if you have any questions or concerns and please think of the future of "your" club.


Pancake Breakfast 

Third Saturday of each month 9:00 - 11:00

Please join us for a fun filled morning either as a volunteer or as a hungry patron

Our menu is as followed:

2 Pancakes (plain or pecan)  or 2 French toast

2 slices of Bacon or 2 sausage patties, cooked our way, done as to your health, 

Two scrambled eggs or Two eggs to order 


Coffee and OJ

And for now your wait staff will toast  bread for those of you that want it.

This is the best breakfast around, please join us.

And if you want to be a part of our fantastic volunteer staff and have more fun in a day than anyone should have, call Anni. 

Check us out.

Come participate in our activities, have fun, meet new neighbors and make new friends!


If we have a board to continue with,

October 17th
LVBC metting 6:30
We need our members support for our continued success, please plan on attending. 
Nominations for board members start at our October meeting. Please attend and be a part of our club by running for a position. Most of our board members have been in their position so long they have atrophied, they want to be replaced. Please help keep this fantastic club alive by being a part of it. (BRIBES MAY EVEN WORK) ok kidding, but come on members, without you we will loose this.

October 19th, monthly breakfast 9:00 - 11:00 
We hope you will join us
Volunteers have fun and eat free!! 
Your host, Anni

November 14th
LVBC meeting, we need your support for our continued growth and success. Please attend your meeting and please nominate someone to our board that can continue to support our fantastic club. If we don't have our members support, we will loose our club, you will loose a place to put your boat in at such a reasonable price. We will loose our monthly breakfast. We will loos our social club. PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR BOAT CLUB!
Be a part of our club and come to the meetings every month run for a position on the board.
We will have some fun eats for each of you after the meeting!!
We are truly searching for those wiling to keep our boat club going. Our board needs to have a rest. If you do not step up we could loose our club. Please help us keep this alive!
Please attend our meeting!

November 30th Saturday,
Our annual Fall Bazar will be back. We will keep you informed but please keep this date open.

December 7th, Saturday,
LVBC Annual Christmas party
Resident member help needed or this will be canceled. 

This is the only event we sponsor that is only open to resident members. 
Time not yet determined
and definate plans not detirmend because a lot of help needed and Your ways and mean chair person, "Anni"  will not do this alone.

Please call Anni if you want to help make this fantastic evening happen, without all of our members we just can not have this great event we sponsor come about. It's not up to me, its up to you if you want this tradition to continue my friends, its  up to you our resident members that want a Christmas party
I'm trying, 
You all need to step up, or this club will fall.
We will lose this boat club.